MentorU eBroadcast Systems

The MentorU eBroadcast System is a powerful communication delivery and management system that lets you give enterprise stakeholders the instant, just-in-time access to knowledge they need, in the format they want.

YOU choose the audience. Customers, prospects, employees, partners, or any combination.

Leverage industry-proven tools and services. Your eBroadcast System includes leading authoring, eLearning, and delivery tools from MentorU, plus complete broadcasting services from Web broadcasting’s acknowledged leader, wsRadio.

The all-in-one-system advantage. Because you get a full slate of new-media options, you can customize the mix for each audience, each topic, each initiative—for maximum results (you’re never tempted to “make do” with a less-than-optimal program). Plus you can use advanced tracking capabilities to optimize the mix.

More options let you extend your reach. Integrate your existing Webinar and Web Conferencing solutions, or tap the advanced capabilities of GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar.

Get started now. Today’s audiences literally won’t sit still for yesterday’s media. To get your message through, start eBroadcasting today.