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Marketing Matters Live!
On-location Broadcast
from the American Marketing Association’s Mplanet 2006

Measuring ROI for B2B Marketers, Part 2 with Jim Lenskold, Founder and President, Lenskold Group & Ellis Booker, Editor, BtoB Magazine

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Ellis Booker, editor with BtoB Magazine, continues his discussion with Jim Lenskold, President of Lenskold Group and author of Marketing ROI. This segment focuses on what to measure. Insights include:

  • Importance of understanding target segment and buying process, and how any given tactic or strategy impacts that process

  • When it makes sense to invest in a tactic even when the ROI potential isn’t obvious

  • How to track long-term efforts such as multi-year branding campaigns

  • Typical reasons B2B marketing organizations launch metrics initiatives

  • The emergence of a culture shift among marketers toward ROI-focused metrics
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