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Marketing Matters Live!
On-location Broadcast
from the American Marketing Association’s Mplanet 2006

An Industry Leader Perspective: Why the Customer Experience is More Important than Ever: Industry Leader Scott Bush, Maritz Research CMO, speaks out

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Scott Bush, Maritz Chief Marketing Officer, explains how  today’s marketers can use a “customer experience strategy” to drive customer loyalty, retention, and revenue. With 50% of customer attrition blamed on poor customer experiences and the potential for “new media” to spread the news, Bush shares insights and suggests specific customer-experience tactics, including:

  • Why describing the customer experience in its best light (as marketers do) is only the first step; marketers must work to make that experience a reality through employee training

  • How marketers can and should work with every employee and partner involved with customers to ensure the promised experience is delivered

  • Why some organizations are even choosing their channel partners based on their willingness to help optimize the customer experience
When to show employees dashboards and metrics tracking the customer experience – and how it can improve both customer and employee loyalty

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