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Marketing Matters Live!
On-location Broadcast
from the American Marketing Association’s Mplanet 2006

Should You Make Sales Enablement Topic One? John Aiello, CEO, The Savo Group, explains why 2007 will be “The Year of Sales Enablement.”

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John Aiello, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder for The Savo Group, points out that up to 80% of what marketers produced is NOT used by sales forces – and explains how to turn that problem around. Strategies for making the fix:

  • Focus on creating sales assets instead of marketing collateral. Sales assets are anything that helps the sales team deliver the right conversational messaging at the right time

  • Find out what assets and tools are being used in the selling process – especially those that weren’t created by Marketing -- then analyze to find out why they work

  • Throw out the old “marketing checklist” and be open to completely new kinds of sales tools

  • Introduce technology that helps sales teams more efficiently prepare customized sales assets for use in prospect interactions – and be sure the technology is co-sponsored by sales and marketing teams.

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