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Marketing Matters Live!
On-location Broadcast
from the American Marketing Association’s Mplanet 2006

Mike Fasulo, Sony Electronics Chief Marketing Officer, shows how Sony is reaching customers through emerging new media

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What is Sony doing with all the new media? Getting customers involved. Join Sony Electronics CMO Mike Fasulo to learn how Sony is letting the customer drive the kinds of communication they have with Sony. Find out:

  • How to get the customer community to help build viral media programs, then measure effectiveness based on specific interaction types

  • How to integrate customers into brand-building and program creation without giving up too much control through the use of guidelines

  • Why measurement and accountability are more critical than ever

You’ll also hear fascinating accounts of Sony’s CurrentTV medium, which has enabled Sony customers to create and submit video commercial branding messages. As Fasulo points out – TV isn’t dead, but it’s most certainly evolving.

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