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Marketing Matters Live!
On-location Broadcast
from the American Marketing Association’s Mplanet 2006

Measuring ROI for B2B Marketers, Part 1: A discussion with Jim Lenskold, Founder and President, Lenskold Group  and Ellis Booker, Editor, BtoB Magazine

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Ellis Booker, editor with BtoB Magazine, joins host David Kinard in a discussion with Jim Lenskold, President of Lenskold Group and author of Marketing ROI, of current issues and trends in B2B marketing metrics. Learn how teams at Dow Corning, HP, and ING have already learned:

  • Why ROI measures must be tied to profitability – not just revenue or retention – to be really useful

  • Why any proposed metric should fall into one (or more) of three categories – value/contribution, leading indicator, and diagnostic – or (possibly) jettisoned

  • Which groups to work with in identifying and developing metrics

  • Who should monitor dashboards – and who shouldn’t

  • The importance of using and applying metrics once they’re developed

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