MentorU eBroadcast Systems

Multimedia Tool

Multimedia Knowledge Tools bring concise text, pictures, and the human voice (and perhaps a few other sounds) together in a Web-hosted presentation that people can access when they want, at the pace they want.

These easy-to-access tools let you communicate complex concepts, details, or any volume of information that people may need some time to absorb.

Say goodbye to the dry-as-toast white paper … the cut-and-dried case study … the inch-thick sales commission plan (and wave farewell to the boredom and lost productivity those old formats create).

Instead, use your subject matter experts to self-author these dynamic tools (anyone can learn how in minutes).

Your audience can soak up details on their schedule, at their speed. They’ll retain more – and you’ll save time and money getting the information to them.

Best of all? Your prospects, customers, employees, or channel partners will have the critical knowledge they need to do what you want them to do.