MentorU eBroadcast Systems

Radio Studio

Successful communication begins with getting attention – and keeping it. That’s why Internet Radio is the centerpiece of an eBroadcasting system.

These segmented, live-and-archived “private talk shows” are ideal for introducing any new initiative. Talk shows draw audiences in and keep them engaged, using a voice they know (or want to know).

Since you pick the audience, your talk show can be optimized to deliver precisely the message you want them to hear. They’ll tune in … because Talk Radio is where people turn today for entertainment, information, and even a sense of community.

Whether you’re launching a new product, starting a quality initiative, orienting new employees, or rolling out a new marketing program, this is a format that’s proven to work with today’s busy audiences.

Internet Radio talk shows are the place for inspiration … excitement … and motivation. And they’re the perfect jumping-off point for more in-depth knowledge-sharing via e-Lessons, Multimedia Knowledge Tools, Webinars, and more.

Internet Radio, Webinars, Multimedia Tools, eLessons and eLearning.  Self-Service Authoring, Management, Delivery, Tracking.