Dr. Jerry Cahn
Educational Partner

Dr. Jerry Cahn is psychologist, attorney and entrepreneur who has spent over 20 years helping business professionals produce winning presentations. A pioneer of the computer presentation graphics industry, he served as CEO of Brilliant Image which, over 15 years, helped over 5000 clients, including investment bankers, venture capitalists, Fortune 500 and public relations firms producing winning presentations on a 24/7 basis. He also served as president of the industry trade association, IAPP. Today, he leads Presentation Excellence, a resource center serving achievement-oriented executives, and provides clients with services using his presentation expertise, strategic management skills and creative organizational insights. A member of the management program faculty at the City University of New York, his proudest accomplishment is his intern program has served almost 500 students throughout his career (to date)!

Presentation Excellence is a full-spectrum resource center serving executives who want to achieve excellence in their business and professional relationships. For more information visit: www.presentationexcellence.com.