Bill Cates
Founding Faculty

Bill Cates--author of the best-selling book, Unlimited Referrals, and President of The Referral Marketing Institute--is the nation's foremost expert on increasing sales through referrals and word-of-mouth.

Bill's powerful referral system has been the subject of articles in Success Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Bill is a regular contributing expert to Selling Power Magazine. He also writes a column, "The Referral Coach," for Life Association News. Bill has produced eight audio tape programs on referrals and other sales and service topics.

To Bill, business--and life--is an adventure, and his colorful life enables him to bring a unique perspective to business. He has trekked through the Himalayas, back packed in Switzerland and India, and toured the United States as the drummer in a rock-and-roll band.

Bill served on the front lines of sales for over 20 years. He knows what it takes to win a client's business and develop customer-loyalty.

Bill delivers high-energy, high-content, interactive programs that provide powerful strategies and the motivation to put those strategies to use. He is often able to produce significant results immediately.