Dan Teitelbaum
Founding Faculty

Daniel Teitelbaum is an effective, exciting speaker and a nationally-recognized authority on mental toughness and motivation.

His material on mental toughness--developed over seven years and delivered to Fortune 500 companies across America--has helped countless thousands of businesspeople to raise and maintain substantially higher baselines of motivation, focus, and confidence.

In addition, hundreds of thousands of people have read his syndicated column, "Attitude of Steel," which has appeared in business journals and corporate intranets across America over the past few years.

Dan's mental toughness material has been modified from sports psychology-based skills that many of the world's top Olympic and professional athletes use to "psyche" themselves to perform at peak levels.

Before starting his firm in 1991, Dan worked in commercial real estate and was responsible for the sale of several commercial properties in the $20 million range. Prior to that, in his first year in sales, he was the top salesperson in a company of 105 national salespeople.