Rick Barrera
Founding Faculty

Rick Barrera is dedicated to helping companies to see the future... And to find their place in it. In frenzied efforts to maintain competitive positions in commerce's new terrain, companies are caught in a whirlwind of mergers and acquisitions, cost cutting and downsizing.

Who has the advantage in this environment? Big corporations with their deep pockets and influence, or smaller, less structured companies with their inherent agility?

Rick Barrera believes the advantage goes to the customer-focused organization that embraces learning, innovation, and speed, the ultimate competitive weapons. This is an alluring model for success, yet for many companies, mired in the quicksand of day-to-day operations and challenges, this vision of prosperity and swift, seamless efficiency can seem as remote as another galaxy. Their question is, How do we get there?

Rick Barrera can help you find the answer.