Nancy Roebke
Founding Faculty

When Nancy Roebke came to the internet over 11 years ago, her intention was to build a successful on-line business with her already successful off-line professional networking company, Profnet. With the same energy that has made her a success off-line, Nancy learned the ways to maximize time and efforts, avoid common on-line mistakes and develop top notch marketing strategies. These strategies have taken her own web site traffic from zero to a quarter of a million visits a month and increased her business revenue considerably. The mistakes that Nancy encountered through her learning process coupled with the successful strategies she developed, motivated her to begin her INTERNET MARKETING CONSULTING practice.

Her winning strategies for companies and individuals looking to build on-line relationships and improve revenue generated from Internet activities have made her a sought-after Consultant. She encourages professionals to "think outside of the box" where the Internet is concerned - designing customized marketing strategies that work without using search engines, paid advertising, or other commonly promoted Internet marketing tools.

Nancy Roebke is also the Executive Director, for Profnet, Inc, professional business lead generation corporation. She specializes in teaching business professionals how to generate more revenue for their firms through strong networking skills. Profnet, Inc. was featured in the March 1, 1999 issue of BusinessWeek.

Nancy has spent ten years working with entrepreneurs after owning her own retail establishment for 9 years. She is a 1993 inductee into Who's Who, Who's Who in America, The Top 2000 Women in America, a 1997 inductee into Who's Who Internationally and has won several Internet awards.