Bill Staton
Founding Faculty

Known as "America's Money Coach," Bill Staton makes the subject of money SIMPLE and FUN. He is a pro who explains the economy and money matters in everyday language. He empowers people to make the most of their money, in the least amount of personal time, with the least risk. Bill has the uncanny ability to foresee economic and investment trends long before they become reality.

A Chartered Financial Analyst with an MBA in Finance from The Wharton School, Bill was a research director for a major regional investment firm. He was one of the industry's top performers, which prompted Money magazine to laud him as one professional who "buys value and beats Wall Street."

His remarkable track record inspires confidence, making Bill's audiences eager to hear what he has to say about current economic trends, which stocks to buy or avoid, retirement planning and a multitude of other financial subjects.

As a speaker and money-manager, Bill provides answers to personal-finance questions. As The Wall Street Digest said, "He simply helps people learn to invest for themselves."

Bill became a millionaire investor at age 31 and a multimillionaire by age 35. He is Founder and Chairman of The Staton Institute, Inc., an organization that empowers people to take charge of their money. He is known for entertaining and easy-to-understand educational materials and his popular WealthBuilding seminars. Bill is also a portfolio manager for individuals and corporations (through Staton Investment Management LLC).

Staton's documented 26-year track record of market-beating results makes him one of the nation's top performers. He has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, The Washington Post, The New York Times, USA Today, U.S. News & World Report and Kiplinger's Personal Finance, among others.

Bill has been profiled in Money magazine, Bottom/Line Personal, The Charlotte Observer, and The Business Journal. Bill is often interviewed on radio and television and hosts "Bill Staton's Managing Your Money" on WBTV in Charlotte.

Bill is author of:

Double Your Money Every Five Years

How to Become a MultiMillionaire on Just $50 a Month

Never Invest in Anything That Eats or Needs Repairing

He is the editor and publisher of the annual America's Finest Companies Investment Directory.

Bill's latest audiocassette album from Nightingale-Conant is entitled "Lifetime Riches: The Seven Secrets to Multiplying Your Wealth."

Bill Staton lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife and business partner, Mary, and four children.