Julie Thomas
Educational Partner

Julie Thomas is President and CEO of ValueVision Associates. She has over 19 years of executive sales, sales management, and customer service experience.

Julie has been a student of the ValueSelling Framework™ since 1991. She has extensive experience applying, coaching, and reinforcing the ValueSelling Framework and its application. Her unique qualifications include the fact that she has been a student, facilitator, and customer of ValueSelling.

At ValueVision Associates, she is responsible for business development and new customer acquisition. She has personally consulted and trained in a wide variety of industries and corporations, including Medical Present Value, The Ken Blanchard Companies, Marquis Jet and Consul Risk Management, Inc.

Previous to ValueVision Associates, Julie worked Gartner, Inc. for 16 years, holding positions such as Regional Sales Vice President, Vice President of Sales Training, National Account Manager, Area Sales Manager, and Director of Client Services. As a sales manager and Regional Vice President of Sales, Julie has extensive experience in both building sales teams and turning around under performing sales teams. At Gartner, Julie was recognized as a top performer in both sales and sales management.

As Vice President of Training for the Americas at Gartner, Julie was responsible for deploying ValueSelling to over 500 sales associates. She has customized and delivered the program to both inside and outside sales teams. While at Gartner she worked closely with ValueVision Associates to co-develop the Account Management program, which has now developed into the Executive ValueSelling program.

Julie pioneered eValueSelling©, blended classroom, and elearning training programs to provide more cost effective, time sensitive, and learner centric solutions. Julie was also involved in deploying training programs on product knowledge, management process, interpersonal skills, personal development, negotiation skills, and presentation skills.


Julie is a noted public speaker, author, and consultant. Julie is a member of The Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA) and eWomenNetwork.com.

Julie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Colorado, Boulder.