Todd Duncan
Founding Faculty

Todd Duncan is one of America's leading experts in the area of Life Mastery. His publisher, Thomas Nelson/Word calls him "an exciting combination of Zig Ziglar's energy and style with John Maxwell's content."

Todd Duncan has devoted the last 20 years to researching high-performance, successful people in all walks of business and life. What he has found has been synthesized into one of the most powerful programs ever created. Todd’s mission is to equip people with practical solutions for powerful living. His ideas and action plans will help you to live your life in a more meaningful, fulfilling, enriching and profitable way.

His newest book, Wealth Strategies: 9 1/2 Steps to Achieving Physical, Financial and Spiritual Abundance demonstrates Todd’s mission to make a difference in people’s lives. His first book, The Power To Be Your Best! says it best when it comes to what Todd helps people develop within themselves. Todd is committed to the following five values:

Power: Helping people discover their focus.
Optimism: Assisting people in the developing their attitude.
Willingness: Empowering people to greater commitment.
Equipping: Giving people life-management resources.
Relationships: Encouraging accountability through people.

Todd's presentations as a keynote speaker are backed by two decades of personal experience and research in better living, personal growth, sales, influence, leadership and time management. He's in touch with the marketplace and the challenges confronting people daily. His best selling books and seminars have influenced millions of people to design a plan for their lives, you too can have the life you have imagined, now!