Tom Olivo
Founding Faculty

Thomas G. Olivo CPCM

Certified Professional Consultant to Management

Tom Olivo is the Founder and President of Success Profiles, Inc, a consulting firm that specializes in organizational performance measurement and change management.

Established in 1990, the firm designs and provides organizational performance measurement instruments and database management services to clients, management consulting firms and accounting firms throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Portugal. The focus of the diagnostic practice is to create, measure and manage “actionable knowledge.”

In his professional career, Mr. Olivo has over 15 years of experience in identifying, measuring and comparing the "commonalties" of highly successful athletes, business leaders, and organizations. Tom has worked in a multitude of industries with hundreds of senior executives and managers, emphasizing the importance of high performance standards consistent with “best business practices.”

Tom's work with Olympic athletes, coaches and successful business leaders led to the development of several unique diagnostic instruments that measure business practices. The methodology developed at Success Profiles, measurement framework and research data has proven that consistent success in business today rarely occurs by accident. In fact, there are specific critical success factors, behaviors, processes and business practices that contribute to success among people and organizations. These characteristics can be identified, measured, and compared over time as baseline performance measures to assist in organizational improvement.

Throughout his life, Tom has been very involved in competitive athletics. His collegiate career was highlighted by twice being honored as an NCAA All-American in the sport of Springboard Diving. As a Coach, Tom has developed athletes at every level of competition and in 1985 he was recognized as an NCAA coach of the year.

Tom serves as a Board Member of the Entrepreneurial Education Foundation (Denver, Colorado), The Great Game of Business (Springfield, Missouri) and is the Vice President of the Whirling Disease Foundation (Bozeman, Montana). He is a founding professor of MentorU - an online distance mentoring learning network; a member of the American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC), and the American Society of Quality (ASQC). Tom’s personal interests include competitive running and fly-fishing.

Tom lives in Bozeman, Montana with his wife Katie and daughters Sarah and Christine.