The Customer Experience Company
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Carolyn Watt & Ruth-Anne Boyd
The Customer Experience Company

Carolyn Watt is the president of The Customer Experience Company. For more than 25 years, Carolyn has focused her energy on the customer experience business, specializing in workflow, communications and usability. A consultant, writer, speaker and trainer, she has won numerous awards for her work. Carolyn currently teaches the Usability Evaluation course at the University of Toronto, Professional Learning Centre. She holds a psychology degree from York University in Toronto. Carolyn is a popular speaker at industry conferences and those audiences consistently rate her among the very best speakers.

Ruth-Anne Boyd is the Business Development Director at The Customer Experience Company. She is an award-winning writer, consultant, speaker and trainer with over 19 years experience in customer experience, communications, workflow simplification, and usability evaluation. Ruth-Anne has won 11 awards for her communication material, is a frequently invited speaker, delivers corporate training, and speaks at Lunch n Learns and Web seminars. She is a member is PLAIN (the Plain Language Association International), Canadian Women in Communications (CWC) and DigitalEve.

Together Carolyn and Ruth-Anne inspire organizations to deliver memorable customer experiences. They passionately believe that the experience is formed as a result of three things: processes, communications and people. That means that it must be insanely easy for your customers to do business with you, your communications must be written clearly, and your staff must understand the corporate brand so they can help you deliver on the promises you have made to your customers.