The Hermans
Founding Faculty

Mission of The Herman Group, Inc.

To guide strategic positioning of companies for future success through trend-based visioning, culture change, organizational re-design, and corporate congruence. Our work enables people to function together productively to make a positive difference in our world. We support individuals and organizations to enable them to gain new perspectives, choose to change their behaviors, and experience more of who they can be.

Joyce Gioia, President, The Herman Group President of The Herman Group, based in Greensboro, North Carolina. She is a Fellow of The Workforce Stability Institute and edits its monthly newsletter, Workforce Stability Alert. A Certified Management Consultant, she serves as president of the Carolinas chapter of the Institute of Management Consultants. Ms. Gioia is also an active Professional Member of the National Speakers Association. She is a Professional Member of The World Future Society.

Joyce Gioia earned a bachelor’s degree in languages and drama from The University of Denver and a masters in Business Administration (specializing in Marketing) from Fordham University. She also holds a masters in Theology and a Masters in Counseling from The New Seminary.

Since her knowledge base is an eclectic reflection of her diverse background, Ms. Gioia addresses many different aspects of the future. Her principal focus is on the "human side" of the future -- how people will cope with the accelerating change we will experience in the years ahead. When appropriate, in her consulting, writing, and speaking, Ms. Gioia explores how the emerging trends toward spirituality will affect society, family, and business.

Since childhood, Ms. Gioia has been fascinated by the future and how things work. This combination of interests and talents enables her to approach her work with a keen sense of problem solving with a valuable orientation toward the future. She's recognized as a strategic thinker with a capacity to explore the "big picture" from a non-linear perspective to see how the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

At the age of 28, as the publisher of The Complete Buyers Guide to Stereo/Hi-Fi Equipment, she insisted that her editor pay strict attention to and report on the newest innovations in hardware and technologies. Those interests in technology and staying on the leading edge have been a persistent theme throughout her life--now leading her to share that knowledge and enthusiasm for the future with her audiences and consulting clients.

In Memoriam (11/06/06): Roger Herman

…was a Strategic Business Futurist concentrating on workforce and workplace trends.

In 1980 he founded and was Chief Executive Officer of The Herman Group, a firm of Certified Management Consultants based in North Carolina. The firm serves a wide variety of corporate, trade association, and governmental clients on a national basis. A significant part of the firm’s work is guiding organizations through structural, mission, leadership, cultural, and design changes to help them better prepare for the future.

Roger authored seven books, including Keeping Good People (a business classic), Turbulence! Challenges & Opportunities in the World of Work, and The Process of Excelling. Lean & Meaningful (May 1998) was co-authored with his partner, Joyce Gioia.

Roger published over 500 articles and writes a column that appears monthly in a number of trade journals. He was designated as a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) by the Institute of Management Consultants and sat on the national board of directors of IMC. He is a member of the World Future Society and is Contributing Editor, Workforce and Workplace Trends, for The Futurist Magazine. Roger serves as Senior Fellow of The Workforce Stability Institute, a not-for-profit research and education organization.