Jaclyn Kostner, Ph.D.
Educational Partner

The world’s foremost authority on the human side of virtual teamwork, Jaclyn Kostner, Ph.D., founded Bridge the Distance in 1990. Virtual teamwork was in its infancy. A barrage of new technology had been thrust into the daily lives of virtual teams—each promising to improve productivity. It didn’t. No matter how much technology virtual teams had, the differentiator always came back to one issue: the human side of teamwork—trust, relationships, team spirit, motivation, inclusion, participation, interaction, and team collaboration—with little to no face time.

Dr. Kostner is the creative genius behind Bridge the Distance’s innovative workshops to improve virtual communication. She is cited as an expert in some of the world’s most prestigious business media, including The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Time, CNBC, and CNNfn. She has written several successful books on virtual teamwork that are translated around the world, some reaching business best-seller lists. Key books include (1) Knights of the Tele-Round Table (Warner), (2) Virtual Leadership (Warner), and (3) Bionic eTeamwork: How to Create Collaborative Virtual Teamwork at Hyperspeed (Dearborn).

A professional speaker for 15 years, she delivers motivational keynotes and executive briefings on virtual leadership and teamwork to conferences and conventions around the world. A pioneer in onLINE presentations, she also delivers with a creative flair on web and video conference technologies. Kostner says, “To be successful in global business, every virtual leader and team must get very good at communicating in dramatic new ways. My joy is energizing them with new perspectives, new techniques, and new technologies they need for success.”