Leslie Buterin
Educational Partner

Leslie Buterin started Top Dog Consulting more than seven years ago in order to share the approach of securing executive-level appointments. She fine tuned her approach during her personal struggle to get into the executive suites and, very literally, to overcome her original paralyzing fear of cold calls.

Over a two year span of time she invested $140,000 of her services and countless hours of research and development to provide an action plan for CEOs who wanted to take their multi-million dollar business to the next level, and make it a billion dollar enterprise. To do that would require changing the point of entry of each sales call. In doing so, it would shorten the buying cycle, increase the size of sale, and produce more meetings with those who had unlimited check signing authority. It would allow the salesperson to begin the sales process with top executives.

The challenge? Everyone wanted to start at the top. No one knew how to get in. She figured it out, documented her plan and proved it with results.

Once she achieved results consistency in securing face-to-face time with "Top Dogs", she set out to make certain executives had this information, to help empower them to attain extraordinary success in sales, to equip their teams to present company products and services to THE decision makers, one high-level cold call at a time ... without feeling like a weenie, begging for attention! This became her mission at Top Dog Consulting and the principles behind this mission are carried out by Top Dog Consulting's innovative cold calling metrics and regimens.

Leslie has been blessed to achieve her present level of success, but the journey with her future clients has just begun. She wants to express heartfelt thanks to those who strengthen economies and the fiber of our free society as they strive to support selling with integrity everyday ... entrepreneurs, sales professionals, sales executives, business owners, and leaders in business among others. Leslie knows that most clients share a similar vision, and that through united efforts, they can succeed as partners in producing improved results.