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Business Best Practices Radio Show--1/28/05
Connecting people with the knowledge that produces results
Host: Jesse "Bottom Line Guy" Wacht
Co-founder, Business Best Practices.com

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Contributing Editor: Howard Putnam
Ex-CEO Southwest Airlines
Appears first Friday of every month

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Show Agenda and Guests
Management & Leadership
8:00-8:15 AM PST

George's Business Profile

George's Company Site

Keys to Becoming a Productive Negotiator

Dr. George Lucas, Speaker, Trainer and Author of Strategic Marketing Management

  • The 2 critical dimensions that define and determine how to negotiate (get this wrong and you might as well not show up at the bargaining table)
  • 4 specific strategies for negotiating no matter how cooperative (or uncooperative) and proactive (or reactive) the competition is
  • The one thing you must do at the beginning of a negotiation to enhance your credibility, fill key knowledge voids and expand your relationship with your opponent
  • Doís and doníts for making concessions that will bail your butt from bad blunders and satisfy BOTH parties
Customer Acquisition & Retention
8:15-8:30 AM PST

Julie's Business Profile

Julie's Personal Site

The Formula Based Approach to Qualifying Prospects

Julie Thomas, President and CEO of ValueVision Associates

  • Cut to the chaseófind out right away how to weed out prospects that will NEVER bring you business
  • How to get the prospect to see you as the solution to his problems (not some wuss whining to win an appointment)
  • How to develop a model to discover what the customer really wants (when you understand this, your competition wonít know what hit them)
Customer Loyalty & Communication
8:30-8:45 AM PST

Julie's Business Profile

Julie's Personal Site

The Formula Based Approach to Qualifying Prospects, continued

Julie Thomas, President and CEO of ValueVision Associates

  • The critical missing element that most people miss when qualifying prospects (SHAME on you if you arenít doing this)
  • 3 techniques to uncover and access the ultimate decision maker (youíre wasting your time if you arenít actively using these techniques every time you make a call)
  • How to negotiate for the return ticket to the decision maker (and make it stick!)
Bottom-line Wrap-up plus Q & A
8:45-9:00 AM PST

Bottom-line Wrap-up plus Q & A
Host, Jesse Wacht with Dr. George Lucas

  • Putting It All Together: Insights, Input and Integration of the topics from today's guest with Jesse and George as they wrap up and give their take from a people, process and management implementation angle.

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