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Business Best Practices Radio Show--3/18/05
Connecting people with the knowledge that produces results
Host: Jesse "Bottom Line Guy" Wacht
Co-founder, Business Best Practices.com

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Contributing Editor: Howard Putnam
Ex-CEO Southwest Airlines
Appears first Friday of every month

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Show Agenda and Guests
Friday, March 18, 2005
Management & Leadership
8:00-8:09 AM PST

Chris's Business Profile

Chris's Company Site

Multiplying Leaders and Increasing Manager Performance via a New Communication Paradigm

Chris Murch, President of wsRadio.com

  • How to communicate your message with maximum comprehension, lowest cost and easiest access on a 24/7 basis
  • Face-to-face meetings, web conferencing, corporate internet radio – How to choose which one is best for you
  • Latest research on the optimum length of a presentation (which hardly anyone is practicing) to get maximum comprehension and impact.
  • A new communication paradigm that will literally force you to create a clear, concise and compelling message – everytime.
Customer Acquisition & Retention
8:13-8:23 AM PST

Jerry's Business Profile

Jerry's Personal Site

How to Design and Deliver Persuasive Web Presentations

Jerry Cahn, Ph.D., J.D.,
presentation expert and organizational strategist

  • How to capture and keep the attention of an online audience with the collective attention span of a gnat on valium
  • How to create “customer driven” images, charts and titles that keep your audience riveted to your online presentation instead of surfing the internet (even experienced presenters can get this one wrong)
  • The “unforgivable” sin that makes your presentation (and you) boring, Boring, BORING
  • How to connect with your listener’s entire brain by using these tips on how to format your message
Customer Loyalty & Communication
8:27-8:38 AM PST

Jerry's Business Profile

Jerry's Personal Site

How to Design and Deliver Persuasive Web Presentations, continued

Jerry Cahn, Ph.D., J.D.,
presentation expert and organizational strategist

  • How to increase the retention of your presentation by a whopping 400% (presenters who used this technique were rated more persuasive, credible and interesting)
  • How to use children’s stories to tap deeply into the psyche of your audience and drive home your message at a subliminal level
  • What you must rehearse to make your presentation a blockbuster (most people waste their time focusing on things that don’t make a speck of difference or could totally hose the presentation)
  • 6 techniques of “power language” that will skyrocket your audience’s comprehension (when they leave your presentation, they’re going to feel like they’re Einstein)
Bottom-line Wrap-up plus Q & A
8:42-8:52 AM PST

Bottom-line Wrap-up plus Q & A
Host, Jesse Wacht with Chris Murch

  • Putting It All Together: Insights, Input and Integration of the topics from today's guest with Jesse and Chris as they wrap up and give their take from a people, process and management implementation angle.

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