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Business Best Practices Radio Show Archive--09/09/05
Connecting people with the knowledge that produces results

Host: Jesse "Bottom Line Guy" Wacht
Co-founder, Business Best Practices.com

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Contributing Editor: Howard Putnam
Ex-CEO Southwest Airlines
Appears first Friday of every month

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Show Show Agenda and Guests
Friday, September 9, 2005
Management & Leadership
8:00-8:09 AM PST

Business Profile

Howard's Personal Site

The Ultimate Competitive Advantage: Corporate Internet Radio for Rapid Knowledge Delivery

Howard Putnam, Contributing Editor and Ex-CEO of Southwest Airlines

  • How you can update, involve and reinforce you company vision and mission as an ongoing strategic process.
  • How to build a knowledge based culture throughout your organization.
  • How to do the above faster, better and less expensively with tools that reflect today's changing rules of engagement.
Customer Acquisition & Retention
8:13-8:23 AM PST

Business Profile

Chris's Personal Site

Improved Sales Force and Sales Channel Productivity via Corporate Internet Radio's Rapid Knowledge Delivery

Howard Putnam, Contributing Editor and Ex-CEO of Southwest Airlines

Chris Murch, President of wsRadio

  • How to Sell More by marketing, prospecting and selling in a way that your customer needs to buy (and hear).
  • How to Leverage Sales Best Practices from inside and outside your organization on a 24/7 basis.
  • Differentiate,Differentiate, Differentiate in your customer's eyes - people, products and business value.
Customer Acquisition & Retention
8:27-8:38 AM PST

Business Profile

Chris's Personal Site

Creating Loyalty with Customers, Employees and Sales Channels : It's All about Communication

Howard Putnam, Contributing Editor and Ex-CEO of Southwest Airlines

Chris Murch, President of wsRadio

  • How to create the intangible features that are the keys to Brand and Customer Loyalty - ones competitors can't match!
  • Online loyalty? Going beyond the sameness of web sites and email newsletters to create real customer business value.
  • Communicate, Communicate, Communicate - how to make it a two way street that creates customers who are apostles (raving fans, etc.)
Q&A Wrap-up of Today's Rapid Knowledge Delivery Show
8:42-8:52 AM PST

Business Profile

Howard's Personal Site

QA & Wrap Up

Jesse Wacht, Host with
Howard Putnam, Contributing Editor
and Ex-CEO of Southwest Airlines
and Chris Murch, President of wsRadio

Putting It All Together: Howard, Chris and Jesse review how to execute a plan that can simultaneously execute the strategies discussed today PLUS a preview of the four upcoming shows that will demonstrate different tactical variations that can be applied to your organization.

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