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Host: Jesse "Bottom Line Guy" Wacht
Co-founder, Business Best Practices.com

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Contributing Editor: Howard Putnam
Ex-CEO Southwest Airlines
Appears first Friday of every month

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Show Agenda and Guests
Management & Leadership
8:00-8:15 AM PST

Business Profile

Ellen's Personal Site

Leadership Secrets of Successful Trailbosses

Ellen Reid Smith, President of Reid Smith & Associates, Inc. and Author of e-Loyalty and Cowgirl Smarts: How to Kick-Ass in Business

  • What a successful roundup can show us about building a disciplined, loyal and focused team in business…down to the last dogie.
  • Convincing your wranglers to “make a good hand” – what it means on the trail and how it can catapult cooperation on your team.
  • How to eliminate competing factions and displaced loyalty on your team by knowing this leadership secret of successful trailbosses.
Customer Acquisition & Retention
8:15-8:30 AM PST

Business Profile

Ellen's Personal Site

Using Cowgirl Smarts and e-Loyalty Strategy to Retain Online Customers

Ellen Reid Smith, President of Reid Smith & Associates and Author of e-Loyalty and Cowgirl Smarts: How to Kick-Ass in Business

  • Wild West cowgirls knew how to engender loyalty. After all, they got the right to vote 13 years before their Eastern sisters. Learn to use cowgirl smarts to build e-loyalty—It’s about letting your spurs speak louder than words.
  • Online loyalty? Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing…find out how to turn today’s fickle, fussy customers into loyal ones without getting manure on your shoes.
  • Learn how this high-tech cowgirl identifies, attracts and retains her most valuable customers.
Customer Loyalty & Communication
8:30-8:45 AM PST

Business Profile

Ellen's Personal Site

Employee Loyalty as the First Step in Generating Customer Loyalty

Ellen Reid Smith, President of Reid Smith & Associates and Author of e-Loyalty and Cowgirl Smarts: How to Kick-Ass in Business

  • Why your employees must ride for the brand before customers will be loyal.
  • Managing creative employees is like herding cats…find out how to round them up and get them to kick ass and build loyal customers.
  • Are a few of your sales people wild mavericks? Hear how a horse trainer tames mavericks to lead the herd.
  • The “magic” ingredient for keeping your employees moving, moving, moving.
Bottom-line Wrap-up plus Q & A
8:45-9:00 AM PST

Jesse's Business Profile

Wrap-up: Make Your New Year’s Resolution to Improve your Customer Loyalty Using Some Cowgirl Smarts with host Jesse Wacht and Ellen Reid Smith

  • Putting It All Together: Taking stock of the year’s past roundups and planning how to improve future roundups from a people, process and management implementation angle. Yee Ha!

Past Show Agendas with Links to Archives

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10/22/04--Four Segments - Jensen, Parinello, Jensen, Parinello/Wacht

10/29/04--Four Segments - Temple, Cathcart, Cathcart Temple/Wacht

11/05/04--Four Segments - Putnam, Stein, Alessandra, Putnam/Wacht

11/12/04--Replay of Premier Show Featuring- Putnam, McKain, Gitomer, Putnam/Wacht

11/19/04--Four Segments - Downs, Downs, Brody, Downs/Wacht

11/26/04--Four Segments - Putnam, Gitomer, Gitomer, Putnam/Wacht

12/03/04--“Best Of” Strategies to Create a Competitive Advantage in 2005

12/10/04--Four Segments - Boyd/Watt, Buterin, Boyd/Watt, Buterin/Boyd/Watt&Wacht

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