Welcome to the Club Excellence Learning Center!
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Welcome to the Club Excellence Learning Center!  
Club Performance      
      Online Learning Center

Created through a partnership between Faust Management Corporation, MentorU.com and Club Performance Network, the Club Performance Program is dedicated to the continued growth and education of club industry professionals. In order to further facilitate continuous learning for these individuals and impact on the key results areas for club organizations, we have created the Club Performance Learning Center.

The Club Performance Learning Center is an interactive web based training program designed to address specific job performance skills, key concepts, and organizational results for club management teams, specifically Owners, Managers and Department Heads in addition to hands-on club specific programs for front line staff. For your convenience this program can be accessed from the club, in the comfort of your own home, or anywhere that you have access to an Internet connection.

Available immediately, this interactive, comprehensive online learning center includes a broad array of both general and club specific content by both world renown and industry subject matter experts across a broad range of subject areas. These include:
  • Management and Leadership
  • Member Service
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Communication
  • Personal Development
One of the unique attributes of this learning center is the Instructional Wraparound™ that has been integrated into the program. In addition to the Core Courses and Ongoing Courses (minimum 2 new per month), the Instructional Wraparound™ components (see Figure 1) include:
  1. Course navigation tools for participants including course selection, lesson introductions/overviews and performance feedback by lesson/course.
  2. Testing for lessons/courses including guidance for review and application.
  3. Threaded online conversations and electronic newsletters for each participant to support continued learning through access to other program participants and regular communication from the experts.
  4. Manager information to help monitor participant progress & performance including instant test results and special data area (access to this information is restricted to assigned managers only).

Figure 1. Instructional Wraparound™ Components

Online Learning Center offers many benefits including:
  1. Training available immediately for new hires when (or before) they start to work.
  2. Training available 24 hours a day seven days a week - much of it takes place outside of working hours.
  3. Lower cost. No work time loss or travel expenses for trainers and participants.
  4. Distributed training. Students can learn in easy to assimilate “chunks” (no 3-day seminar overload). The yearlong training and motivation program ensures learning efficiency, long-term retention and on the job application.
  5. Training from world-class experts available for your people – without the cost of sending them to conferences.
  6. Includes both club industry experts and world-class speaker/trainers.
CURRENT FACULTY (additional faculty are being added):
  • Tony Alessandra
  • Bill Brooks
  • Sandy Coffman
  • Warren Greshes
  • Brian Tracy
  • Bob Chaiken
  • Rick Barrera
  • Rick Caro
  • Dr. Gerry Faust
  • Will Phillips
  • George Walther
  • Jim Cathcart
  • Gregg Baron
  • Brenda Abdilla
  • Patricia Fripp
  • Howard Putnam
  • Janet Lossick
  • Mary Jo Chaiken

The following special pricing can only be guaranteed for a limited time and represents a one-year commitment. Register now at www.mentoru.com/clublc to take advantage of this Special Limited Time Pricing.

New Club Performance Program:           $700 per month

Additional Service Options:
  1. Additional Club within the same organization:    $350 per month
  2. iMac Kiosk CPU:    $100 per month
    Allows you to access this powerful program without having to have an Internet connection.
  3. MentorU live web seminar event tickets:    $35 each
Customized Online Learning Center packages are also available that include customized learning center site, customized curriculum and/or content, ability to re-purpose your organization's content to be accessible through the site, in addition to a host of other options. Contact us to explore custom learning center options.

For more information regarding the Club Excellence Program, please contact Stephen Faust at SFaustFMC@aol.com or (858) 391-3300 x306.