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If you have a question or are experiencing a problem, try these resources:
Solve A Problem

Use this link to interact with our problem-solving wizard.

Web Site Status

Click here for notices of any systems problems or planned maintenance. Save this web address in your browser, in case you cannot get back to this page.

Getting Started

If you are a new student, or a Systems Administrator, this provides information on browser compatibility, configuration settings, plug-ins, and more!

 Show Me How LibraryShow Me How snippets are hands-on demonstrations which teach or remind you how to use specific functions in an eBroadCastCenter/eLearningCenter. Whenever you see a "Show Me How" icon in your web pages you can click it to watch the demonstration.

If you see this message, you have entered an incorrect web page address, or if you were working in your Learning Center possibly you have not done anything in your browser for a while and for security purposes, your connection has timed out. Or, possibly you do not have 'temporary' cookies enabled. Please return to the Log-On page for your Learning Center.

Connection and Status Information

The following is information about your Internet connection and your computer. Usually this is not important. But if you contact your Help Desk or System Administrator with a problem, they may ask you to tell them what it shows below.

IP Address:
Host Location:  n/a
Browser Information:  CCBot/2.0 (
Top Organization:  n/a
Your e-Learning Manager:  not assigned, or you are not logged on
Your Systems Administrator:  Support