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The eLearning Center Problem Solver - Wizard

     How to Report a Problem
  • Have you looked at the online help available for the web page where you are having the problem?
  • If the problem involves an eLearning Center function that is clearly 'broken' such as a Lesson does not play, or an error message displays when attempting a task, please try these steps:
    1. Clear your browser memory and disk cache, and just try it again. Internet connections sometimes are slow, or may loose data.
    2. Check the eLearning Center status page to see if any maintenence is scheduled. Brief maintenence work may sometimes occur during the Friday evening maintenance window without a formal notice.
    3. Check the Messages box on the Welcome page for any notices that the eLearning Center owner might post there.
  • Does this problem happen on a different computer?
    1. Try the same operation on another computer. Many problems are related to configuration issues on the computer you are using, and the same task may work on another machine.
    2. Check the Getting Started page for browser configuration issues.
    3. Test your browser for media playback using the Test Browser link in the problem Solver Wizard.
    4. A problem that is repeatable on one computer but works correctly on another one, indicates some sort of configuration problem. Use your organization's internal Help Desk or PC Support department to identify the problem.
  • When a problem occurs, immediately collect important information that will help solve the problem.
  • Contact your eLearning Manager or your computer Help Desk while the problem is still displayed in your web browser.

Collect Important Information

The following is important information that will help resolve your problem. Depending on your exact question or problem, not all of these may be needed.
  1. Be able to describe the problem including the steps leading up to it.
  2. Write down the web address ("URL") in your web address bar of the page displaying any error message.
  3. Write down any error message displayed. You can usually highlight (click and drag with the mouse) text messages then copy (ctrl-C) and paste, such as into an email message.
    • Tip: sometimes the web page will start to display correctly, then towards the bottom of the page it suddenly stops, where you think there should be some more information. Right click on the page in a blank area, and select View Source; scroll down to the bottom of the text where you probably will see an error message, you can copy and paste that.
  4. Describe where this is happening (office, home) and whether you have tried to reproduce the error on another computer.
  5. Have ready your type of computer (PC, Mac), operating system name and version, browser name and version.