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The eLearning Center Problem Solver - Wizard

     Test Your Browser
  • The following are some simple tests that can check for browser configuration settings, and media plug-ins (players).
  • Some links will go to another page using this browser window. If there is no 'Back" button on the page, just use the browser Back button to return here.
  • Some links may "pop up" a new browser window, just use the X button in the upper right corner to close the window.

Pop-Up Windows (Advertisement Blocking)
  • If you have configured your web browser to not allow "unrequested windows" or if you have installed any utility program claiming to block "pop-up ads" then your media content may not display.
  • Pop-Up Test - This should produce a second small browser window. Click Here to test.
  • If you do not get a second window, your browser may need to be configured. Instructions to fix this are in the Getting Started Support page.
  • If you still do not get a second window, you probably have ad-blocking software installed. Contact your Help Desk if you need further assistance.

MacroMedia Flash Player
  • This is used for much media content. If a Flash presentation does not play correctly, you may need a newer Flash player. A link to the plug-in is on the Getting Started page.
  • Flash Test #1 - This is a small, simple animation. Click Here to test.
  • Flash Test #2 - This is a small piece of a typical Flash lesson with slides, audio, and interactive controls. If this functions correctly, you should be able to view any Flash-based lesson. When you test this mini-lesson, here is what should happen:
    1. A 'pop-up' browser window will open. The Flash lesson will display and the audio will begin to play.
    2. On the left side, click on Biography which will open another window, displaying information about the author.
    3. On the left side, you can click between the three Topics, and the slide and audio clips should change in tandem.
    4. On the bottom, you can click and drag the volume control slider.
    5. On the bottom, click on the Pause button || to pause and restart the audio.
    6. On the bottom, the Forward and Backward buttons will jump to the next Topic.
    7. Click Here to test.
    8. When done, click the |X| to close the browser window.
  • Note: many presentations will play with older Flash versions, but some lessons require a newer Flash player. We recommend having the newest version installed on your computer.

Configuration: Display error messages
  • Internet Explorer may not display error messages completely depending on configuration settings. A complete error message helps to solve problems.
  • Error Message Test - This should display an error message similar to "Microsoft VBScript runtime error". Click your browser back button to return here. Click Here to test.

Connection: Measure the data transfer between yourcomputer and MentorU
  • Speed Test - This will make an estimate of the speed at which our web server can send you data. Note: it uses Flash, so first make sure Flash is installed on your computer. Click Here to test.

Cache Control: Check your browser or any Internet device (proxy server, etc.) in your Internet connection
  • Cache Test - You may need to be a little creative here. This link simply displays the local time on our web server. If you go to that page, note the time (in seconds), then go to some other page, then use the browser 'Back' button to come back (or any other combination of navigation options). In all cases you should not see the same Time on each page display. Click Here to test.
  • In some situations, depending on your particular browser and version, the browser 'Back' and 'Forward' buttons may not request a new page from the web server, but instead redisplay the page they have temporarily stored (cached) on your computer.
  • Another way to test is to type in this address into your browser address bar: That will add it to the recent history drop-down. Now you can easily randomly jump between various pages and the cache test page. You should never see the time duplicated, else that means your browser configuration needs changing, or perhaps there is some server in your Internet connection that is caching pages that should not be doing so. If you see this, contact your network support department.